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Knowledge Management and Record Management


As presented to the Denver, Colorado Chapter of the Association of Records Managers & Administrators meeting in November 2015.

This educational session describes Knowledge Management, Record Management and Information Management. The session concludes with comments and questions about how they relate to each other.

What are Record and Knowledge Management.  How do they relate?

  • What are the key differences ?
  • Are they coming closer together?
  • What are the challenges?

Slide Outline

  • Slide 1-3 Overview and Background
  • Slide 4-8 A high level description of Know

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There are no silver bullets in change management (VIDEO)

There are no silver bullets

There are no silver bullets. Driving change is hard. Making it “part of the fabric” (just the way work gets done) of operations is even harder.

Let me debunk a few of what I consider to be several myths associated with change management.

Myth #1

First, technology implementation does not result in transformational change. Yes, if done correctly, it does provide new tools. But, by itself, it doesn’t change how work gets done, how decisions get made, etc. In fact, research has shown that, in hindsight, leaders of…

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Office 365 NextGen Portals – Opportunities in Knowledge Management

At the recent Ignite conference, Microsoft unveiled their development of upcoming Office 365 “NextGen” portals, one of several new CMS-like concepts being included in Office 365/SharePoint. These new “ready-to-go” portals include concepts like the Knowledge Management portal (codename “Infopedia”). These portals are a cross between a team site and a publishing site: you can roll them out quickly and immediately create sites and pages, however your customization options are limited.

NextGen portals, according to Kashman (senior product manager in the Office 365 group), are intelligent by

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