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The Road to Big Data

Big Data is big buzz.  We hear questions all the time from our existing and prospective clients that follow along the lines of:

  • What do you consider Big Data?
  • I don’t think we have Big Data, do you?
  • What could we do with our data?
  • Is the ROI on data analytics worth it?
  • Can we quantify the costs and financial returns?

In essence:  What is the business value of our information and is it worth tapping?

An organization’s information asset does not suddenly become valuable.  For the most part, the size or age of data does not achieve a threshold where it immediately gains a…

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Beyond Master Data Management

Does your reporting solution deliver one version of the truth, or are you stuck comparing various, differing charts and reports? With a well-planned and thoughtfully executed master data management plan you can not only rely on one version of the truth. This slide deck below was adapted and presented several times to diverse audiences including IT Professionals, Students, Public Sector Professionals, Scientists and Engineers.

This information is based on our experiences with customers and as a consumer using the PPDM.  We cover examples from actual experience using the PPDM Data Model as a…

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