Improve Adoption with these SharePoint Training Resources and Tutorials

Improve your SharePoint Adoption

Often during the drive to implement SharePoint, we consider executive sponsorship, determine the needed information architecture, establish governance policies, and a design to support the organization’s focus and goals. Unfortunately, although recommended as a key component to user adoption, the SharePoint training strategy is often not planned well enough to support a successful roll out.

User adoption is the number one challenge to a SharePoint implementation’s success, and a key factor in adoption is adequate training for users. Some users need written instructions or user manuals for reference, some need video walk-throughs, others need hands-on experiential training, and still others benefit from all of the above training methods.

To aid in your adoption efforts we’ve compiled the following list of recommended training resources to aid in your adoption efforts. Take a look, and let us know if you’d like additional information on any specific skill set.

SharePoint Training Resources

Microsoft Office Support offers some solid beginner and intermediate level videos for learning about document libraries, lists, blogs, following content and syncing libraries to your local computer.

Udemy has a great online SharePoint Tutorial for Beginners which covers document libraries, enterprise search, OneDrive, how versioning works, blogging, permissions, approval workflows, wikis, and editing pages.

Visual SP has some great sample videos on SharePoint for beginning users.

This video from SharePoint at Rackspace covers the following topics: Permission levels explained, You’ve logged into SharePoint. Now what?, “How do I upload a document?”, Adding MetaData to your documents, Uploading multiple documents to SharePoint, How is MetaData beneficial?, Versioning, Editing a team calendar (scheduling app), and many others.

Rounding out this list we recommend new users bookmark Microsoft’s SharePoint 2013 Glossary a quick reference guide for all of those newfangled terms you’ll learn in the SharePoint universe.

Hopefully, you find this list helpful in aiding your SharePoint adoption efforts!

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