Knowledge Management and Record Management


As presented to the Denver, Colorado Chapter of the Association of Records Managers & Administrators meeting in November 2015.

This educational session describes Knowledge Management, Record Management and Information Management. The session concludes with comments and questions about how they relate to each other.

What are Record and Knowledge Management.  How do they relate?

  • What are the key differences ?
  • Are they coming closer together?
  • What are the challenges?

Slide Outline

  • Slide 1-3 Overview and Background
  • Slide 4-8 A high level description of Knowledge Management
    • #7 What are Knowledge Assets?
      • Databases and reports show data at a point in time.
      • What’s a record definition?
      • Knowledge and records
    • #8 What is the value of Knowledge Management?
      • The difference between organizations that evolve vs. those who don’t
      •  The journey from tribal knowledge to intelligent enterprise
  • Slide 9-11 Records Management
    • Records Management defined for an audience of Records Managers
  • Slide 12 Records Management concepts
  • Slide 13-14 Classification
    • Basic content classification
  • Slide 15-17 Information Management
    • #15 How data leads to record declaration
    • #16 Information Management Lifecycle
    • #17 Where and how Information is managed
  • Slide 18-20 Are they converging or diverging?
  • Slide 21-22 Conclusion

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Chris Tsouris has over thirty years of experience in the organizational and technical aspects of business information systems. Chris has worked with clients across a broad range of industries and government.

Strategic Computing, founded 1993, delivers Knowledge Management solutions through a commitment to technical excellence and customer service.

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