Cloud Computing Today and Tomorrow

Cloud Computing is all the buzz.  The attached presentation shows how we got here, where we are now, and what the future may hold in the realm of Cloud Computing.  This slide deck was adapted and presented several times to diverse audiences including IT Professionals, Students, Public Sector Professionals, Scientists and Engineers.

The tone of these presentations was, for the most part, anecdotal.  This information is based on our experience as both a Cloud Provider and Consumer.  The presentation was intended to be visual and not bullet point oriented. Some notes on the progression:

  • Slides 1-7 – Visual Introduction
  • Slide 8 – Chronicles the evolution of information systems architecture from Mainframe through Client Server, Web Applications and now, Cloud.
  • Slides 9-14 – Cloud Definitions, Characteristics, Layers and Architecture
  • Slides 15-18 – Service Models, Major Providers, Cloud Deployment Models
  • Slides 19-27 – Challenges and Opportunities, Big Data, Scaling, NoSQL
  • Slides 28-30 – Issues and Growing Pains, Economics
  • Slides 31-32 – Personal examples as a provider

Watch the Cloud Computing Today and Tomorrow v2a presentation now!


Chris Tsouris founded Strategic Computing over 20 years ago to deliver business empowering solutions through a superior commitment to technical excellence and customer service.  He is a seasoned speaker on Information Technology subjects including: Strategic Planning, Estimating Software Costs, Cloud Computing, Electronic Records, Regulatory Compliance and Master Data Management.

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Noah Meyer


Wonderful, Chris! This is the clearest explanation yet of “the cloud” . I really enjoyed how you showed today’s cloud as an extension of the ASP (SaaS) model which has been around for decades.

I cannot wait to read your next article!

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