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So, you’re going to implement Big Data . . .

Big Data is all the rage right now.  And, for good reason – there are more and more success stories related to Big Data readily available.

There could be even more success stories if the implementation teams explicitly focus on the people and organizational considerations of these initiatives.

Big Data projects are designed to leverage more of the data (both unstructured and structured) that is available – with the goal of driving true business benefit from this data.  In other words, turn “data” into business transforming “information”.

As you’re working to implement yo…

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There are no silver bullets in change management (VIDEO)

There are no silver bullets

There are no silver bullets. Driving change is hard. Making it “part of the fabric” (just the way work gets done) of operations is even harder.

Let me debunk a few of what I consider to be several myths associated with change management.

Myth #1

First, technology implementation does not result in transformational change. Yes, if done correctly, it does provide new tools. But, by itself, it doesn’t change how work gets done, how decisions get made, etc. In fact, research has shown that, in hindsight, leaders of…

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The Business Value of Organizational Change Management

What’s the Business Value of Organizational Change Management (OCM)?

Several years after I started focusing on Organizational Change Management (OCM) consulting, a leader at the firm where I was working asked me, “What’s the business value of OCM?” This was an insightful question, and with my unique background of an MBA, hands-on technology consulting, management consulting, and OCM consulting, one that I felt qualified to answer.

After giving it some thought, my reply to the leader was, “Companies often justify technology investments by developing business cases. There’s an impl…

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