Beyond Master Data Management

Does your reporting solution deliver one version of the truth, or are you stuck comparing various, differing charts and reports? With a well-planned and thoughtfully executed master data management plan you can not only rely on one version of the truth. This slide deck below was adapted and presented several times to diverse audiences including IT Professionals, Students, Public Sector Professionals, Scientists and Engineers.

This information is based on our experiences with customers and as a consumer using the PPDM.  We cover examples from actual experience using the PPDM Data Model as a component of Business Intelligence. Some notes on the progression:

  • Slides 1-2 – Visual Introduction
  • Slide 3-11 – Chronicles the evolution of Operational Data Stores (ODS).
  • Slides 12-13 – Methods and architectural changes.
  • Slides 14-17 – Data Warehouse, Star Schemas, ODS, comparing solutions
  • Slides 18-25 – Architected environment, Master Data Management design, PPDM, Production timeline, Star schema examples for PPDM data
  • Slides 26-37 – PerformancePoint Dashboards, SSRS, Report Exporting and examples
  • Slides 38-42 – Personal examples as a provider

Watch the Beyond Master Data Management presentation now!


Chris Tsouris founded Strategic Computing over 20 years ago to deliver business empowering solutions through a superior commitment to technical excellence and customer service.  He is a seasoned speaker on Information Technology subjects including: Strategic Planning, Estimating Software Costs, Cloud Computing, Electronic Records, Regulatory Compliance and Master Data Management.

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