How to Transition ClearDB MySQL to Microsoft Azure MySQL In-App

Running WordPress sites in Azure App Services is easy and cost-effective. WordPress requires a MySQL database. Today, Azure offers the MySQL In-App Service Plan to which provides PHP and everything necessary for WordPress. Very cool! In the days (and years) before the Microsoft Azure MySQL In-App, the easiest option was to use one of the free ClearDB MySQL plans. It wasn’t free. It was a one-time $10 fee. Great deal!!

Recently, the ClearDB free plans were phased out, and a low cost $10/month options was offered as a seamless upgrade to customers. Granted it’s a low price, but, Azure MySQL…

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Improve Adoption with these SharePoint Training Resources and Tutorials

Improve your SharePoint Adoption

Often during the drive to implement SharePoint, we consider executive sponsorship, determine the needed information architecture, establish governance policies, and a design to support the organization’s focus and goals. Unfortunately, although recommended as a key component to user adoption, the SharePoint training strategy is often not planned well enough to support a successful roll out.

User adoption is the number one challenge to a SharePoint implementation’s success, and a key factor in adoption is adequate training for users. Some users need written …

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What’s New in SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services

Microsoft has communicated the following in their product vision for SQL Server 2016 Reporting Services:

  • Originally SSRS was focused on providing printed reports to businesses. Keep in mind this was ten years ago, and businesses still need automated reporting, but it’s no longer where innovation is happening in reporting.
  • Self-Service BI: consumers are demanding an interactive, user-driven reporting experience.
  • Mobile computing: overall less on pc’s, more on mobile platforms. This takes mindful development for presentation due to varied mobile formats.
  • Cloud-based solutions enabl

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Considerations for Upgrading to SharePoint 2016

Sharepoint 2016

SharePoint Migration Considerations

SharePoint 2016 finally addresses the issues commonly listed as reasons to avoid migration. These include a lack of mobile support (a long-felt pain with users, despite many third-party tools to bridge the gap, minimal capabilities for sharing files and collaborating with others outside of the AD organization, and drawn-out release cycles.

Among the SharePoint 2016 announcements during The Future of SharePoint event, Jeff Teper heralded three new features: a new responsive design, the release of SharePoint mobile apps and a sharing feature analogous to

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Why should I use SharePoint, when I have shared folders?

File Shares vs. SharePoint

“But file shares are so easy and simple and we save time by not having a system admin or potential maintenance costs from a solution like SharePoint!”

Essentially, there is nothing wrong with shared folders, however, we will discuss how SharePoint reduces the risks to your data storage. Windows file sharing has been around since Windows for Workgroups 3.1, released in October 1992. It came with SMB file sharing support.

How does it work?

The Server Message Block Protocol (SMB protocol) allows client applications to read and write on a computer network. Us…

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The Road to Big Data

Big Data is big buzz.  We hear questions all the time from our existing and prospective clients that follow along the lines of:

  • What do you consider Big Data?
  • I don’t think we have Big Data, do you?
  • What could we do with our data?
  • Is the ROI on data analytics worth it?
  • Can we quantify the costs and financial returns?

In essence:  What is the business value of our information and is it worth tapping?

An organization’s information asset does not suddenly become valuable.  For the most part, the size or age of data does not achieve a threshold where it immediately gains a…

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So, you’re going to implement Big Data . . .

Big Data is all the rage right now.  And, for good reason – there are more and more success stories related to Big Data readily available.

There could be even more success stories if the implementation teams explicitly focus on the people and organizational considerations of these initiatives.

Big Data projects are designed to leverage more of the data (both unstructured and structured) that is available – with the goal of driving true business benefit from this data.  In other words, turn “data” into business transforming “information”.

As you’re working to implement yo…

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Knowledge Management and Record Management


As presented to the Denver, Colorado Chapter of the Association of Records Managers & Administrators meeting in November 2015.

This educational session describes Knowledge Management, Record Management and Information Management. The session concludes with comments and questions about how they relate to each other.

What are Record and Knowledge Management.  How do they relate?

  • What are the key differences ?
  • Are they coming closer together?
  • What are the challenges?

Slide Outline

  • Slide 1-3 Overview and Background
  • Slide 4-8 A high level description of Know

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There are no silver bullets in change management (VIDEO)

There are no silver bullets

There are no silver bullets. Driving change is hard. Making it “part of the fabric” (just the way work gets done) of operations is even harder.

Let me debunk a few of what I consider to be several myths associated with change management.

Myth #1

First, technology implementation does not result in transformational change. Yes, if done correctly, it does provide new tools. But, by itself, it doesn’t change how work gets done, how decisions get made, etc. In fact, research has shown that, in hindsight, leaders of…

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The Business Value of Organizational Change Management

What’s the Business Value of Organizational Change Management (OCM)?

Several years after I started focusing on Organizational Change Management (OCM) consulting, a leader at the firm where I was working asked me, “What’s the business value of OCM?” This was an insightful question, and with my unique background of an MBA, hands-on technology consulting, management consulting, and OCM consulting, one that I felt qualified to answer.

After giving it some thought, my reply to the leader was, “Companies often justify technology investments by developing business cases. There’s an impl…

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